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1 hog head
Tongue, heart, pork hocks can be used
2 loaves dry bread
6 cloves garlic
3 tbsp. salt
1 lb. liver
1 tbsp. ground marjoram
1 tbsp. pepper

Boil the meat with salt and water to cover until meat is soft. Blanch the liver in hot water. Grind all coarsely after it is cooked and cooled. Soak the bread and then squeeze until almost dry. Add the meat and spices and enough of the broth to make a mixture which would almost pour. Stuff cleaned casings and tie. Boil in rest of strained broth which has been cooled and fat skimmed off. Boil until Jaternice rise to the top, stirring occasionally with a ladle. Take out and put in cold water and place on paper to dry. Roast before serving. May be frozen.

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