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2 c Basmati rice (Carolina will do)
2 md Onions
1 bn Fresh basil leaves (about half cup when chopped)
1 tb Curry powder (mild or hot; according to preference)
1 ts Salt
4 tb Good grade cooking oil
500 g Ground chicken or lean pork

Chop onions and fry in 2 tbsp oil until just starting to brown. Add meat and curry powder, stir until brown. Scoop out onions and meat, leaving oil in pan. Add dry rice and stir until transparent. Add 4 cups water and salt, bring to boil, cover and cook over LOW flame for 15 mins or until all water is absorbed. Add meat, onions, finely chopped basil and the rest of the oil, stir and cook for another 3 mins.

(You could eat it now, but here comes the trick): Put everything in shallow glass dish, cover with paper towel and microwave on full power for another 10 to 15 mins. (YES, that long!) The final ordeal in the microwave oven will turn the individual grains of rice crispy on the outside, leaving their cores soft - a heavenly crunchy sensation.

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