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Garlic Ring Bologna

2 lb Cubed pork
1 lb Veal hearts
2 lb Cubed pork fat
5 ts Salt
2 ts Fine grind white pepper
2 ts Crushed mustard seed
1 ts Marjoram
1 ts Ground allspice
4 cl Very finely minced garlic
1/4 ts Ascorbic acid
1/2 ts Saltpeter
4 Feet medium hog casings

Grind pork, veal heart, and fat separately through the fine disk; mix together with remaining ingredients. Chill, then regrind through the fine disk. Prepare casings, stuff and tie off into 18" links. Be careful not to overstuff, or when you form rings, the casings may burst. Tie double knots between the links and separate them. Bring the tied ends of each link together and tie securely, forming a ring. Hang to dry in a cool drying area or place in the refrigerator 8-10 hours, uncovered. Smoke at 110-120 for about two hours. Bring a large pot of water to a bare simmer (180-190). Simmer rings 20-30 minutes. when done, they should float to the surface. Cool and store refrigerated for up to two weeks.

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