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Cheesy Ham and Potatoes
Cheesy Ham Au Gratin
Cheesy Ham Bake
Cheesy Ham Biscuits
Cheesy Ham Loaf
Cheesy Ham Quiche
Cheezy Ham and Rice
Cherry Glazed Ham
Chicken and Ham Rolls
Chicken and Ham Soup
Chicken Ham Shrimp Dish
Chicken Velvet and Lettuce Soup
Chile Ham Rollups
Chili Fried Rice with Ham
Chinese Barbecued Spareribs
Chinese Butterfly
Chinese Fried Rice Deluxe
Chipotle Baby Back Ribs
Christmas Ham
Christmas Honey Cola Ham
Chunky Ham Stew
Cider Baked Ham
Cider Based Ham
Cider Mill Ham
Classic Ham Dinner
Cocktail Ham Balls
Coffee Glazed Ham
Cola-Basted Ham
Cold Pork Pie
Company Ham Casserole
Company Ham Sauce
Confetti Mac and Cheese with Ham
Cooked Ham
Copycat Honey Baked Ham
Corn and Ham Chowder
Corn and Ham Chowder
Corn and Ham Chowder
Corn Ham and Potato Scallop
Corn, Ham and Potato Scallop
Corny Ham and Potato Scallop
Country Baked Ham
Country Bean and Ham Soup
Country Green Beans and Ham
Country Ham
Country Ham and Potato Salad
Country Ham and Potatoes
Country Ham and Redeye Gravy
Country Ham Chowder
Country Ham Steak with Glazed Apples
Country Ham with Red-Eyed Gravy and Creamy Grits
Country Ham, Virginia Peanuts and Black-Eyed Pea Salad
Country Style Ham Apple Pie
County Kerry Pork Roast
Cranberry Broiled Ham
Cranberry Ham
Cranberry Maple Glazed Ham
Cranberry Meat Loaf
Cranberry Orange Ham Steaks
Cream Cheese Deviled Ham Dip
Creamed Ham and Asparagas
Creamed Ham and Eggs
Creamy Greens and Ham
Creamy Ham and Broccoli
Creamy Ham and Pasta
Creamy Ham Dip
Creamy Potato and Ham Bake
Creamy Potatoes with Ham
Creole Chicken
Crockery Ham
Croquetas De Jamon
Crunchy Baked Ham Salad
Crunchy Ham Slice
Crunchy Swiss and Ham Appetizers
Crustless Crab Or Ham Quiche
Crustless Ham and Potato Slice
Crusty Ham and Cheese Souffle
Crusty Ham Sizzler with Glazed Peaches
Curried Ham and Rice
Dairy Casserole Deluxe
Deep-dish Ham Pie
Deep-fried Gold Coin Chicken
Delices D'argeteuil (Asparagus and Ham Pancakes)
Deviled Ham
Deviled Ham
Deviled Ham and Carrot Filling
Deviled Ham Dip
Deviled Ham Muffins
Deviled Ham Puffs
Deviled Ham Puffs
Deviled Ham Ring
Deviled Ham Spread
Dilly Ham Balls
Dilly Ham Sandwiches
Dinner Souffle
Disguised Ham
Doodles Muffuletta
Down Under Ham and Cheese Supper Bread
Dried Pea Soup
Dry Salt Cure For A 14-lb Ham